Helping leaders spark positive transformation in their people, processes and perspectives

IZABELA KRAMARZ, Business Transformation Expert & Executive Mentor

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Helping leaders spark positive transformation in their people, processes and perspectives

Izabela Kramarz, Executive Coach and Mentor

IZABELA KRAMARZ, Business Transformation Expert & Executive Mentor

Welcome to TransforMentum! We are an executive coaching, mentoring, and change management consulting company, working to elevate senior leaders and businesses in the financial services sector.

In today’s highly challenging financial landscape, how can your business secure its long-term growth and profitability? How do you inspire your team to drive greater synergy and collaboration?

Our mission is to amplify the unique talents and perspectives of executive leaders like you by delivering an actionable roadmap to drive sustainable growth and create a competitive advantage for yourself and your business.

Our Founder and CEO, Izabela Kramarz, MBA, brings over 25 years of corporate financial expertise to accelerate a highly collaborative, change-friendly transformation in individuals and teams on a global scale.

Let’s equip your business with the momentum to be more profitable!

TransforMentum Services

If you’re serious about experiencing a meaningful transformation and making lasting change, we are here to guide you through the transition and help you embrace a newer, better way of working.

Career by Design Mastery

Welcome to Career By Design – Institute of Transformative Leadership, where high-achieving women professionals like you embark on an accelerated journey towards career advancement. Our comprehensive program is meticulously designed to equip you with the skills, insights, and connections necessary to propel your career forward. Through our Executive Leadership Intensive, you’ll develop visionary leadership skills and strategic thinking abilities, alongside mastering executive presence and stakeholder management techniques.

In our Leadership Mastery Workshops, you’ll refine advanced negotiation strategies, hone conflict resolution skills, and learn how to lead organizational change and foster innovation within your team.

Meet Izabela Kramarz

Izabela is an executive coach and business transformation consultant with global experience in corporate financial services. Over the past 25 years, she has built a reputation as a trusted leader, developing talented teams, and serving as a mentor and coach for international, cross-functional professionals.

As a relationship-driven collaborator, Izabela works across the enterprise to develop innovative solutions to complex business challenges. Her extensive executive-level experience in finance, corporate strategy, change management, and M&A integrations for market-leading financial institutions globally has equipped her with practical tools and insights to accelerate a collaborative, change-friendly transformation in individuals and teams on a global scale.

She is passionate about amplifying the unique talents and perspectives of executive leaders by delivering an actionable roadmap to drive sustainable growth and create a competitive advantage for yourself and your business.

Whether you’re looking to navigate organizational change, build high-performing teams, or develop your leadership skills my approach combines business acumen, ambitious execution, and practical delivery strategies with the principles of trust, relationship-building, and growth.

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Izabela is one of the most inspiring and influential people I have encountered in my professional career. She has been supporting my growth for five years now and has played an instrumental role in my journey towards reaching new levels.

While the formal career progression to VP and, three years later, to Director is only one aspect of her impact, Izabela has also helped me develop my personal skills, increase my confidence, hone my stakeholder management abilities, and improve my influence. Izabela is an ambitious, experienced leader, and our mentoring sessions are always highly productive, interactive, and impactful.

She has guided me in navigating the complex business environment to achieve my goals: making my achievements known and being more visible, mastering my performance in meetings and delivering influential presentations, and maximizing my influence to get things done and deliver results. Throughout this journey, Izabela has been available, supportive, encouraging, and inspirational. Working with her has not only helped me advance my career, but has also helped me achieve my Dream Come True experience with ambitious goals on the horizon and a strong, confident motivation to achieve them.

Thank you, Izabela!

Ewelina Marczak, PhD

Director, Global Sourcing Lead, Credit Suisse

I cannot overstate the impact Izabela had on my life during a tumultuous period. The pandemic threw my life out of balance, and I was struggling to juggle my professional work, childcare, and family life without my usual support systems. I felt hopeless and started questioning my life and career choices. That’s when Izabela came into my life.

Izabela encouraged me to ask myself important questions about my personal values, passions, and goals. Our online sessions were an absolute source of energy and motivation. It felt like Izabela understood me better than I understood myself, and she never attempted to change me or persuade me to do anything. Instead, she supported me in my journey to find my inner self and guided me in redefining and achieving my professional goals. She was not just a career coach; she was also my mentor.

With Izabela’s guidance, I reconnected with the woman I used to be, but lost somewhere along the way. I now know what I truly desire and have the necessary tools to execute my career plan. Although it’s a lengthy process, I’m confident in my abilities and grateful for Izabela’s unwavering support. I would recommend Izabela to anyone looking for a genuine transformation, regardless of their profession or level of seniority. Izabela’s support has been a great source of empowerment for me, and I am sure it will be for you too.

Agnieszka Zagozdzinska- Bochenek, Ph.D

Senior FPGA Development Engineer in RUAG , Chair of IEEE Switzerland Young Professionals Affinity Group

I cannot express enough gratitude to Izabela for the incredible support and guidance she provided me. Her coaching and mentoring skills have equipped me with practical tools and methods that enabled me to achieve my immediate career goals (which was amazing!). Thanks to her expertise, I am now on the right path to accomplishing my long-term career objectives.

Although there is still much work to be done, I am confident in my ability to navigate my career journey with raised awareness and confidence. With Izabela’s coaching, I have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to be more strategic in the process, and I am now firmly in the driver’s seat of my career. I highly recommend Izabela to anyone seeking career guidance and support.

Diana Acciardi, CFA

Transformation Office, Julius Bear

I am extremely grateful for the impact Izabela had on me during the time we worked together.  Her mentorship, support, and unwavering belief in my abilities have been invaluable, making her the person who had the most significant impact on my professional development.

Not only was Izabela a role model, but also a genuinely kind-hearted individual who left a lasting impression on me. I appreciate the guidance and support that she gave me, allowing me to grow and develop, and I am grateful for the space she gave me to try new things while always providing direction and advice when needed. Despite her busy schedule, Izabela always found the time to offer tips and insights, and I knew that I could trust her completely.

I am especially grateful for the recognition that Izabela gave her me for my work, which I believe it is a testament to her exceptional leadership and what true leadership should be. I thank Izabela for everything she has done for me and will continue to aspire to her example even after our time working together.

Hanna Buze, PMP®

Senior Specialist, Bain & Company | Guest Lecturer at Akademia Leona Koźminskiego

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